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Cyber Networks specializes in solutions ranging from sales on computer equipment, network design, network consultation, implementation, installation, maintenance and back-up support services. The planning and design of cabling systems in various environments from newly erected buildings, office blocks to training centers and large corporations. The network plan and design would ideally include data cabling, hubs, routers, computer cabinets, etc. Network services are tailored specifically to meet your individual needs. PLEASE NOTE:  WE NO LONGER SUPPORT INCREDIMAIL SOFTWARE. Cyber Networks networking services all into the following categories where it can supply install and maintain equipment:
We offer the following service to our clients:
Computers Notebook Repairs it support
Printers Networks
Maintenance Contracts Software
Office Machines Offsite & Onsite Backup
We believe that your data is very important for your business to grow and that any loss of important information can have drastic implications in your company. We are helping companies to stop the problem before it occurs. Were doing backups on PC’s which can be implemented with your own backup system to prevent the loss off time, money and info.What do we offer:
Hard drive ± 4 Terabyte USB Portable Virus & Malware Removal 
Backup Software Maintenance assistance
We will backup your entire system (each pc individual) once a week to the supplied hard disk.We remove the hard disk and sealed it in a safe. If for any reason your system crashes, we will install the remote hard disk. Your daily backup since the last mass backup will then be restored to this hard disk. No more time that loss due to this time consuming process. In the meantime we will do our best to recover all unsaved information from the crashed hard disk to compact disks. We come out to your office, no need to bring in your equipment.
Important notice: Visit our COVID-19 site for latest information regarding how we can support you. For up to date information about the pandemic visit

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